Food Nation visitor centre

About Food Nation
The Danish food cluster has a strong value chain, covering everything from both primary and processed food production, food technology and ingredients industry, know-how and research to the wide range of products available to the Danish consumer. This has taken time, and it has taken the efforts of many companies, researchers and public and private organisations to make the Danish food industry what it is today.
The Danish food cluster is known for its close and trusted relationships throughout the value chain – which has earned the Danish food industry its good reputation for delivering strong solutions, high quality products and close collaborations.

Food Nation Visitor Centre

The Food Nation Visitor Centre is a showroom in the middle of Copenhagen where delegations can dive into the strongholds of the whole value chain of the Danish food cluster’s products and solutions.

At Food Nation Visitor Centre, you will get an interactive experience carried out by a combination of guided storytelling and self-exploration.

The Visitor Centre showroom is primarily aimed at foreign delegations visiting Denmark to inspire and inform delegations before they move on to on-site visits to a food production facility. The showroom guides the visitor through the history of Danish food production and provides you with up-to-date knowledge on the Danish food cluster’s products and solutions.

The Visitor Centre meeting facilities invite you to strengthen collaboration, negotiation and knowledge-sharing among Danish as well as international stakeholders, organisations and companies.

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